When You Have Nothing, You Have Everything To Gain


I suck at keeping my blog updated. So much has been going on throughout August, September and October for me.

I launched my Kickstarter campaign and fell short of the goal by a lot. But I didn’t lose anything so I’m not really sad about it. I didn’t get the book funded, but when you have nothing to begin with, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

My job situation was not going far throughout August and September but I started to record myself illustrating and I really enjoy doing this. In September I was required to write a story based on the hero’s journey template. I began writing while Mercury was Retrograde but I didn’t complete the final draft until it went direct. I got the story out and began to edit it. I had a lot of realisations throughout this process and set things straight with people involved in the story’s real events. I felt such freedom coming from all of this.

In late September I applied for a few more jobs and I ended up getting a part-time job in a supermarket. I am yet to start this job but I feel it will be a blessing in the current situation I’m finding myself in right now. I have let go of so much this last couple of months I feel lighter and way more free. With the hero’s

The hero’s journey we had to write, we also had to perform a 3 act healing ritual retelling the story in movement. It was hard! We all had to read out our story in front of the class and then perform. so when it came to me eventually. I was nervous but I was holding the emotions IN, “put a lid on it” Timothy, I would say to myself. But when it came time. we all gathered around the middle circle (the acts for the reenactment were circles) of transformation and everyone spoke their blessing into the circle. the lid I put on my emotions popped off!


Tears began to come to my eyes and I held my breath to try and hold it all in. My classmate who was supporting me through this ritual ushered me out of the room so she could give my instructions. I waited outside and suddenly remembered I wanted everyone to close their eyes as I read the story out. So when my classmate came to bring me in I asked her to tell them this. she came out and tried to calm me down. Take deep breaths you can do this. So when I was ready to enter the room, I went straight to the tissue box and grabbed two. I sat down and put my costume on over my arms and back, breathed and started to read. I couldn’t tell you how many times i stopped in that reading but I let the feelings comes. I acknowledged them and let them pass and i continued. Things that hadn’t upset me before in my ten times practising this story chocked me up. But I got through it. This experience is one of the reasons I feel so much lighter now. I let go of 3 painful experiences I have lived through in the last year and though I am still healing from them I know this has made a huge difference. I have started illustrating the story and hope to make a sort of animation from it all and eventually a fully illustrated book. Unicorn_and_Eagle.jpg

I am thankful for where I am today, my book is still in development and when it is finally released it will all have ben worth it. I am studying Art Therapy and this colouring book has been art therapy for me. If you got this far thank you.

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