Colouring Book Kickstarter Announcement

FINALLY! The Kickstarter campaign for m colouring book has been launched!

Wildest Dreams is a collection of unique pictures brought together to create a dream like experience. Each image has it’s own story and may hold aspects of a previous image but essentially the all stand on their own. but it is for you to tell the story in colour. Everyone has a different perception of the same thing as no one sees the same thing in the same way.

In February 2016 my grandfather passed away. At his wake I reflected on his relationship with my grandmother and I create a picture with elaborate details, patterns and symbols of metaphor. I eventually went on to colour this image in and then decided i wanted to redraw it as one of 20 images for a colouring book. For 2 months i sat and illustrated and prepared the first 2 books in the series. I have titled the book “wildest Dreams” as the images are all dreams that tell a different story. they are all open to interpretation as each person sees things in their own unique way.

What one person sees another may see something different. This is the magic of this kind of book.

Wildest Dreams colouring book is going to have 20  illustrations, a colour cover featuring a half coloured image from the book (the cover will be 350 gsm paper). It will be printed on A4 size 200gsm trade stock paper that will be spiral bound. The back cover will have all the images displayed for viewing ease.

Follow the Kickstarter here:


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