As you would know from my last blog post, I have been working hard at producing a colouring book series. Well, the great news is I have enough illustrations so far for 3 volumes. But even getting the first one published seems to have many road blocks keeping me from doing so. I found that the best thing I can do is just continue to illustrate for now until I can move forward with the first book. On a positive note though, i have shown many people the draft book and they love it! I have one very expensive draft book that cost me over $30 AUD to produce and let’s be honest its not the best quality of printing but people don’t seem to care much about that, they love the images.

One of the major blockages I am facing right now is money to get the book produced. that’s not only printing, it’s buying the ISBN and bar code and hiring a Graphic Designer to polish it all up, finding a printer who will actually do what I envision for a reasonable cost. But I am taking this as a time to focus more on creating more images so that I have less to do later when I release more books.

I can’t wait to be able to share these books with the world and to see the many different ways in which every individual will interpret my images and characters. Now I have began the process of creating a kickstarter campaign for raising the fund to produce the first book but once again I am being prevented from moving forward with this until i can find something that will allow me to move forward with it but I guess this really just gives me more time to make the campaign more professional and organised. I wish i was savvy with these things but unfortunately I am not.

So while I wanted the book to be out by August I am afraid it wont be. and this just gives me more time to organise my kickstarter to hopefully be a success. My images can be seen on my facebook page linked below if you are interested in seeing it. Sometimes when things just aren’t budging you need to reconsider the fine details and check to make sure everything is in gear to move forward.

Down below is the link to the preview of the my colouring book, titled. Wildest Dreams.

Thank you 🙂

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