Finding Passion For My Art Again

When I was young, like 6 or 7 years old, I was fascinated by the beauty of illustrations that my sister’s friend did. I would ask her to draw me princesses and evil queens. I would create stories for them. I live in a little fantasy world. I had a bright imagination. Art was story time to me. When i first used clay it was like play dough to me. I had recently seen The Wizard of Oz with my brother and Grandmother and the wicked witch just astounded me. so naturally when we were making things in art with clay i made the witch. But I didn’t just make her. I made a story, played with the clay and by the end of class I made her “melt”. This resulted in coming home with a strange blob with a head. when I started to get into drawing, it became all I wanted to do. in grade 4 of primary school, I won 1st prize for a picture I made for my school “footy day” team. Hearing my name announced over the speaker was the best reward. in grade 5 I did a portrait of a former Prime Minister of Australia. It was awarded and placed in the newsletter. I then began to create my first characters. Super Mouse and Gizmo the Alien.

By High School, I had “The Elements” a group of women who controlled various elements. everywhere I went I took a bulk of paper an pencils with me so that I could draw, even parties! No wonder other kids thought I was strange. I remember once at recess in year 10 I was sitting drawing and my art teacher saw me and told me to stop drawing and interact with other students. that I should draw in art class and leave other times for other things. But she didn’t want me to draw what I wanted to draw. In her class I was very restricted with what I could do. But I kept going.

I have done many things over my 13 years outside of secondary education. Illustrated the bible when I was a christian and had it presented at Easter and Christmas services in front of hundreds of people. I have designed clothing, made books, illustrated massage techniques and done my own advertising material when I was in business.

I studied to become a Qualified Massage Therapist in 2012 and currently studying Diploma of Beauty Therapy. But now I am back to illustrating and I feel so aligned doing so. I am creating a Adult Colouring book with 20 pages inside. One of the highlights of illustrating for me has always been adding colour to my images and I want to give other people the opportunity to do the same. It’s quite amazing how you can step away from what comes natural to you since the younger years because you need to survive. I love massage and I love bringing people healing through it. I think I will always enjoy this part of my life. But nothing feels more right to me than to illustrate from my mind’s eye.

If you are interested you can follow the progress of my book on my

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And you can see a small slide of most of the images in the book on my YouTube channel linked below! please like share and subscribe to my YouTube channel:–UAA

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